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Interviu apie dabartines tendencijas

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Awa Kubisz, marketing vadovas kompanijoje Betafence Sp. z o.o. kalba apie kompanijos strategiją bei visos aptvėrimo sistemų rinkos esamą situaciją.

Šiuo metu įptingai didelis dėmesys skiriamas inovacijoms. Daugelis kompanijų žvelgia į jas kaip į galimybę išsiskirti didėjančios konkurencijos rinkoje. Ką apie tai mano Betafence?

Awa Kubisz:You can say what we make is just fencing.But iPhone could also be called just a phone and Coca Cola – sweetened water. However, these brands have become iconic.We also believe we are able to provide customers not only with physical protection, but also the feeling of security or the possibility to stand out.One of the means to achieve this goal is our innovativeness. This includes not only the products, but the processes and services as well.

How would you define an innovative product?

Awa Kubisz:We could choose one of the following ways: to follow a trend or to break through by creating completely new solutions (disruptive innovations).The latter method, however, requires implementing an entire process of systematic innovation in the company.And in this area, we are only taking our first steps.Therefore, we focus on looking for trends and developing products to fit into them (to meet existing and identified needs on the market).


When you look at the fencing market you could think it has not changed much in recent years.

Awa Kubisz:You can look at it both from the macro and micro perspectives. The long-term perspective does not change very fast.Fencing is always expected to provide security functions and separate a given area.But when we take a closer look on the market, we can observe many more or less developed trends which also evolve in time.When it comes to high-risk facilities (power plants, prisons, refineries), fencing is only one of a number of elements which protect the area (whereas it used to be the only one in the past).Now, it also has to be integrated with the detection and monitoring systems, electric or electronic barriers or central control.This was obviously forced by terrorism and growing aggression of different groups of people.

Can these trends be seen also on the private fencing market?

Awa Kubisz:Yes, of course.Around 30 years ago, our homes were fenced by woven mesh like Resitor which were sometimes inserted in frames (or first panels if you like).20 years ago, Pantanet welded mesh appeared on the market to provide a more durable, robust and easier to assemble solution.The last 10 years were dominated by panel fencing mainly with bending, our Nylofor 3D.But the last 2 years have been devoted to a gradual development of horizontal fencing – our Horizen product.And the true revolution is just around the corner!

What kind of revolution are you talking about?

Awa Kubisz:I am talking about a complete change of both the materials for making fencing (steel) as well as its technology.I think about aluminium.This is a light but very durable metal.It can be easily bent to form different shapes.It does not rust when it’s cut.One major obstacle here includes the price which is still high.Nonetheless, sliding gates have been produced with aluminium for a few years now and are successful on the more affluent markets of Western Europe.Technology is perfected all the time and prices fall down systematically.I believe that in a few years’ time, original and elegant aluminium fencing will guard our homes and companies.

Thank you for the interview.


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